The All-In-One Product Offering

The ResTech APP is agnostic and flexible to your existing external applications, while also robust enough on its own to deliver everything you need from A-Z for your call center operations.

Enterprise-Grade Global Communications Network

Your ResTech product journey begins with our carrier-for-carriers global communications infrastructure. Acquire phone numbers from any region across the globe (inbound, outbound and SMS), route the voice traffic on the best trace routes for optimal voice quality and connectivity, with superior consumer-to-agent connections and redundancy. Connect your call center agents computer to our cellular network for improved connectivity through our included eSIM card.

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Best Performing Carrier Trace Routes

The quality and performance of your inbound and outbound call routes from voice origination to termination can be the difference between a good and bad consumer experience and a successful or failed sales pitch. ResTech built the Contact Center Exchange based on the amalgamation of over 20 years in the call center industry. We understand the impact of the smallest of detail when it comes to delivering the best voice experience for both the consumer and the call center agent. And the AI, which can only be as good as the voice quality allows.

Advanced IVR’s (Interactive Voice Response)

Build your call tree’s (IVR’s) using voice AI, select from the ResTech’s hold music jingles library, connect external application functionality for agent-less consumer actions, use AI to route your callers to the best agent based on callers tendencies/preferences and agents profile. Automate to improve efficiency and route to the best agent with a campaign specific customized playbook to drive the best consumer experience with the KPI desired outcome.
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Contact Center as a Service – CCaaS

Bring your own CCaaS, or use ResTech’s custom out of the box enterprise-grade partner solution. ResTech is agnostic to your CCaaS solution or preference. We are focused on delivering the best possible contact center experience whether you already have a CCaaS you are happy with, are looking for a new solution or do not have one yet.

Inbound Voice

Outbound Voice

Conversational SMS/Email/Chat/Social

Unified Communications as a Service – UCaaS

ResTech is the only application your internal agents or outsourced agents will ever need. Our single pane of glass is the only agent-purpose built application that seamlessly connects to all external applications and the 2-way ResTech Contact Center Exchange. Place a new customer sale, manage an existing customer account, increase agent utilization by supplying the ResTech Marketplace with services, outsource or priority route voice/non-voice traffic using the ResTech Marketplace, obtain more customer acquisitions and/or sell ancillary products/service using the 2-way ResTech Marketplace.

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Customer Resource Management (CRM)

Merchant Processing Gateway

Fulfillment & Logistics

Fraud & Chargeback Management

Dialer List Sync & Lead List Verification

Email Server and Service Providers

Customer Acquisition & Customer Monetization
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AI Assist – Best Consumer-to-Agent Guidance

ResTech uses AI to drive the consumers experience with a brand and a human interaction based on the best possible consumer and/or support journey possible. Through the understanding of consumer tendencies and preferences and the predicted relationship of those with a human interaction, ResTech uses AI Assist to help guide the consumer and the agent to the best possible outcome based on pre-defined goals and milestones.

Consumer Behavior

Agent Profile

Real Time Guidance

2-Way Contact Center Services Marketplace

Outsource/overflow with ease

Increase utilization of under utilized agents

Build a team of 100% outsourced agents, load balance BPO's, prioritize your internal team, build a hybrid of all of the above

Load balance and prioritize your call center traffic with our global 2-way marketplace

Drive in more product sales from other ResTech customer brands

Upsell 3rd party products behind yours to monetize your AOV
We unify technology, consumer brands, service providers, and top-rated agents with one software application.

We are The Contact Center Exchange.


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