ResTech Knowledge Base

How to View Customer Order Details


This tutorial guides you through the process of locating a customer’s order information on ResTech. You’ll start by logging into the platform, searching for a specific customer using their email, and then navigating through the customer’s details to find and view the product and order information you’re interested in. Each step is straightforward, aiming to get you to the exact order details you need quickly.


1. Navigate to

2. Click on “View Customers”.

3. Find the search bar labeled “Search Customer Details” and click it.

4. Enter Details: Type in the customer’s email.

5. Click the “Submit” button to work its magic.

6. Click on “+ View Customer Details” to expand the customer’s profile.

7. Explore Orders: Browse through the product names listed under the cystomer’s details and click on the one you’re interested in.

8. Inspect Order: Now you can view all the customer’s order details.