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How to Reship a Product


This tutorial guides you through the process of reshipping a product using the Restech admin portal. Starting with accessing the portal, you hover over the Sales section and select “View Customers”. Then, you search for a specific customer using their details and submit the search. Upon finding the customer, you view their details, select the product to be reshipped, and finally click on the “Reship” option to initiate the reshipping process. This straightforward method ensures you can efficiently manage product reshipments for your customers.


1. Navigate to

2. Hover on Sales.

3. Click “View Customers”.

4. Click the Search Customer Details field and type the customer name, email, phone, or order number.

5. Click the Submit button.

6. Click “+ View Customer Details”

7. Click on the Product you want to Reship.

8. Click on Reship.