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How to Resend Order Confirmation


This guide provides a straightforward process for resending an order confirmation to a customer via the Restech admin platform. Starting with accessing the admin site, it walks you through selecting the appropriate customer profile by searching with their personal details. Once found, you delve into their customer details, select the specific order, and proceed to resend the confirmation. The tutorial concludes with a helpful reminder to inform the customer to check their email for the newly sent confirmation.


1. Navigate to

2. Hover the Mouse here

3. Click “View Customers”

4. Click the “Search Customer Details” field.

5. Type in the customer name, email, phone, or order number.

6. Click the “Submit” button.

7. Click “+ View Customer Details”

8. Click the product of the order you would like to resend the order confirmation for.

9. Click the “Resend Order Confirmation” button.

Tip: Instruct customer to check their email inbox for the resent confirmation.