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How to Cancel a Subscription for an Order


This tutorial provides a straightforward process for canceling a subscription associated with an order in the Restech admin platform. It begins with logging into the admin site, then moves through a series of clicks—starting from hovering over a menu to accessing specific customer details. The process includes searching for a customer by their information, selecting the relevant order, and navigating through dropdowns to reach the cancellation option. Each step is simplified into click-based instructions for ease of use.


1. Navigate to

2. Hover the Mouse here

3. Click “View Customers”.

4. Click the “Search Customer Details” field.

5. Type in the customer name, email, phone, or order number.

6. Click the “Submit” button.

7. Click “+ View Customer Details”

8. Click the product that you would like to cancel subscription for

9. Click the “Oder/Action” dropdown.

10. Click the dropdown and select the Cancel Reason.

11. Click “Cancel Subscription”.