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How to Add a Note to an Order


This tutorial guides you through the process of adding a note to an order in the Restech admin panel. Starting with accessing the admin portal, the steps involve navigating to the customer’s order details, selecting the specific product, and inputting the note into the designated field. The instructions are straightforward: hover, click, search for customer information, view details, and add your notes.


1. Navigate to

2. Hover the Mouse here

3. Click “View Customers”.

4. Click the “Search Customer Details” field.

5. Type customer name, email, phone, or order number.

6. Click the “Submit” button.

7. Click “+ View Customer Details”

8. Click the product that you would like to add a note to.

9. Click the “Agent Notes” text area.

10. Type the notes you need to add to order/account

11. Click the “Add Note” button.