Optimizing Customer Service Operations for a Leading BPO Call Center

The ResTech APP is agnostic and flexible to your existing external applications, while also robust enough on its own to deliver everything you need from A-Z for your call center operations.


A prominent BPO Call Center, specializing in customer service for various international clients, faced challenges in managing diverse customer interactions due to varying CRM systems. To enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction, they implemented ResTech’s Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.


• Integrate diverse client CRM systems into a unified platform.
• Streamline call acquisition, routing, and agent assignment.
• Improve Agent performance and customer interaction quality.
• Enhance order management and issue resolution capabilities.
• Monitor and analyze performance and quality metrics.
• Reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction

Solution: Enhancing Customer Service Efficiency with ResTech

ResTech stepped in with a comprehensive solution, transforming the BPO’s Call Center customer service from the ground up.

1. Acquisition and Routing of Calls:

The challenge was inconsistent call quality and routing efficiency. ResTech’s advanced system and customized IVR addressed this. The result was a 30% increase in call quality and customer routing efficiency.

2. Agent Assignment:

The company’s call allocation issues were resolved by ResTech’s dynamic platform. Calls were assigned to the most suitable agents based on skillset and availability, whether they were internal or outsourced. This improved response time and customer service quality significantly.

3. Agent-Customer Interaction and Script Access:

Inconsistent customer service experiences were another challenge. ResTech’s AI Assist provided custom scripts to combat this, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in the agents’ responses. This approach led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction scores, which went up by 25%.

4. CRM Integration and Data Retrieval:

Another challenge was accessing customer information efficiently. The ResTech platform was integrated with multiple CRM systems, which allowed agents to have immediate access to customer history, significantly streamlining the process. This integration led to a reduction in the average call handling time by 20%.

5. Order Management and Issue Resolution:

The process of order processing and issue resolution was cumbersome. ResTech’s integrated platform enabled agents to manage orders and resolve issues directly. This integration improved resolution rates and reduced the time taken for order processing.

6. Quality and Performance Monitoring:

A notable challenge was the lack of effective quality control measures. To address this, calls were recorded and reviewed using both ResTech’s AI Assist and manual checks. This approach helped in identifying key areas for agent training, thereby enhancing the overall service quality.

7. Cost and Performance Reporting:

The BPO Call Center also needed to work on efficiently tracking operational costs. ResTech’s platform provided detailed campaign performance and cost reports, enabling data-driven decision-making. This strategic approach led to a reduction in operational costs by 15%.

8. Customer Follow-Up and Call Closure:

Inconsistencies in call closure procedures were impacting the customer experience. The BPO Call Center standardized closing scripts to rectify this and ensured post-call documentation was accurately recorded in the system. This adjustment enhanced customer experience and improved efficiency in call closure procedures.


Achieved a 20% overall increase in Agent productivity.

Enhanced customer satisfaction ratings by 25%.

Reduced operational costs by 15%.

Streamlined integration with client CRM systems, saving significant IT resources.

Gained comprehensive insights into Call Center Operations through detailed performance analytics.


The adoption of ResTech’s CCaaS solution signified a major step forward in its quest to enhance customer service operations. The comprehensive approach not only addressed various operational challenges but also led to significant improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. This case study demonstrates the transformative potential of advanced CCaaS solutions in revolutionizing the operations of BPO call centers, setting a precedent for operational excellence in the competitive global market.